Anthony Robbins Personal Power Classic Edition and Personal Power II Video Tutorial + AudioBooks + eBooks

Have you ever said to yourself “It’s time for me to make a change in my life” – then not followed through? What’s the secret? Anthony Robbins turns personal and professional achievement into a step-by-step process you can master and measure over the course of 30 days. And he delivers it with a level of passion, power and playfulness that makes the process not only moving, but thoroughly enjoyable!

Millions of people worldwide have massively improved the quality of their lives with Anthony Robbins’ PERSONAL POWER system. They’ve made measurable differences: losing weight, increasing their incomes, vanquishing bad habits, creating magical relationships and more! You’ll listen to one tape each day over the course of 30 days. And each day, Tony will help you make a small change so you establish what you need to do today to move yourself forward. Your momentum is power. You will convert your “down” time – when you’re traveling, commuting, exercising – into life changing time, in a way that feels effortless because it’s fun! This program works. If you’re serious about really making a change, and you want to enjoy the process, this program is not a “should” – it is a must.