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  1. Shaitan Se Bachao Ki Kitab{ronin99}
  2. The Christian Travelers Guide to the Holy Land
  3. Sunnat Ki KitabURDU
  4. Christian Devotionals Daily Reading Collection x60
  5. Hazrat Muhammad S A W Ki SeeratoSurat
  6. Taharat Ki Kitab
  7. MaqamateAnmbia A S Ka Tasveeri AlbumURDUronin99
  8. Pray for the World Operation World /mobi
  9. 111 Questions on Islam Giorgio Paolucci, Samir Khalil Samir /mobi
  10. Empire of Fear Inside the Islamic State 2015
  11. Heretic: Why Islam Needs a Reformation Now Ayaan Hirsi Ali
  12. Tareek Fitnay Aur Qiamat Ki AlamaatURDU
  13. Submission:A Novel Michel Houellebecq /mobi
  14. The Age of Wrath A History of the Delhi Sultanate 2014 by Abraham Eraly
  15. Reasons for Faith Making a Case for the Christian Faith Norman L Geisler, Chad V Meister
  16. Inside Islam A Guide for Catholics Daniel Ali, Robert Spencer /
  17. World Religions and Cults Volume 1 and 2 Ken Ham, Bodie Hodge, Roger Patterson
  18. The Reason Why Faith Makes Sense Mark Mittelberg /
  19. Jihad in the West Muslim Conquests from the 7th to the 21st Centuries Paul Fregosi /
  20. Demolishing Supposed Bible Contradictions Volume 1 and 2 Editor Ken Ham