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02-28-2009, 07:37 AM
Professor Michael D.C. Drout

Course Overview In A Way with Words: Writing, Rhetoric, and the Art of Persuasion, widely published professor Michael D.C. Drout embarked on a thought-provoking investigation into the role of rhetoric in our world. Now, in A Way with Words II: Approaches to Literature, the renowned literary scholar leads a series of lectures that focus on the big questions of literature. Is literature a kind of lie? Can fiction ever be "realistic"? Why do we read? What should we read? Professor Drout provides insight into these and other provocative questions, including those related to the role of the text, author, and audience in the reading process. Throughout, Professor Drout introduces the major schools of literary and critical thought and employs illuminating examples from the world's most important literary works.

Literature contributes to our understanding of what it means to be human in a myriad of complex ways, and for all those who appreciate the role of literature in our lives, this course proves a wonderful exploration of one of humankind's most cherished pursuits

Course Syllabus Lecture 1 Understanding Literature: Some Big Questions

Lecture 2 Language

Lecture 3 The Text

Lecture 4 The Author

Lecture 5 The Audience

Lecture 6 Genres

Lecture 7 Formalism and Forms: Primarily Poetry

Lecture 8 Form, Pattern, and Symbol: Prose

Lecture 9 Literature and the Mind

Lecture 10 What Is Postmodernism and Why Are People Saying Such Horrible Things About It?

Lecture 11 Identity Politics

Lecture 12 Culture and Cultural Production

Lecture 13 The Literary Canon

Lecture 14 What Do We Talk About When We Talk About Literature?