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09-14-2009, 08:11 PM
Golf Fix - Golf Channel Instructional Series

This Episode: Distance Tips & Lessons 08/31/2009

Golf Fix is a series on the Golf Channel with Michael Breed hosting. The premise of the series is to give golf instruction on a wide range of topics. Many topics are from emails sent in by viewers who have specific questions. Mike Breed answers the questions and demonstrate the correct way to execute the golf swing issue which is being addressed.

Topics run the whole area of golf questions from Addressing the ball to Zeroing in on the target (A to Z). Each episode has an overriding theme, but will get into other areas as the individual questions are addressed.

Michael Breed is a highly rated instructor who has several well known pros who he instructs on a regular basis. He is a very high energy individual and may seem quite frenetic at times. He runs a very fast paced program and can make you think "quiet down", but he has a good show and provides many very good instructional tips and directions.

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More golf instruction is available in the forum. Just search with 'golf' in title.