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05-13-2007, 10:05 PM
Duarte'S Child (Latin Lovers) (Presents, 2199)


By Graham

Publisher: Harlequin
Number Of Pages: 192
Publication Date: 2001-09-01
Sales Rank: 145164
ISBN / ASIN: 0373121997A pregnant Emily left her husband, Duarte de Monteiro back in Portugal. The reason was because "a friend" told her that after she gives birth to her child, Duarte would take the child away from her. But now Duarte has found Emily and he doesn't plan to let go either his wife nor his son, Jamie and yet he's still angry at her for leaving him. Other factors also play into the problem of their marriage. There was also that "friend" who secretly added poison into their marriage, before their separation. But besides the friend, their relationship have never been the best because Emily was too scared to do anything like standing up for herself. It was only after she came back that she started making some changes. Although Emily has changed and became stronger, is she strong enough to go up against that friend, who has little by little broken up her marriage?
I think DUARTE'S CHILD is the best book written by Lynne Graham because although she shows that Emily is the "weak" type, she also shows Emily with some sparks of anger and defiance, which keeps the story rolling. I liked Duarte a lot because he showed a lot of human characteristics. Duarte would act really macho and strong but when he made mistakes, he showed that he was really sorry and he tries to make up for those mistakes. That is what I call human characteristics, the ability to show emotion.
I think DUARTE'S CHILD is a fabulous book and I bet Lynne Graham fans would definitely enjoy this one.