Art of Systems Architecting by Robert Kaplan, Ellen Kaplan +

The Art of Systems Architecting: The Pleasures of Mathematics by Robert Kaplan, Ellen Kaplan
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Overview: Today’s architecting must handle systems of types unknown until very recently. New domains, including personal computers, intersatellite networks, health services, and joint service command and control are calling for new architectures-and for architects specializing in those domains. Since the original publication, of this bestselling text, these new and emerging fields have contributed architectural concepts and tools of their own to the relatively new formalism-and evolving profession-called Systems Architecting.The Art of Systems Architecting, Second Edition restates and extends into the future the classical architecting paradigm, incorporating the most broadly applicable of these contributions. It remains the most innovative, insightful treatment available to the discipline, providing both the academic and the industrial communities with the up-to-date tools, concepts, and techniques needed to conceive and build complex systems.
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