Art Starts with a Line: A creative and interactive guide to the…

Art Starts with a Line: A creative and interactive guide to the art of line drawing Publisher: Walter Foster Publishing
Date: 2018-07-03
ISBN-10: 1633224813
ISBN-13: 9781633224810
Language: English
Pages: 128
Added: 2018-07-03 02:46:17
Line drawing utilizes both fine and bold lines to create sophisticated artwork that can stand alone or be incorporated into patterns, logos, stationery, branding, journals, scrapbooks, and more. Art Starts with a Line is approachable for artists of any skill level, no prior drawing experience needed! This form of art requires minimal tools, making it both affordable and portable.
Following a brief introduction to tools and materials, as well as some easy exercises and techniques for warming up to basic drawing tools, you will explore a variety of subject matter. You’ll draw plants and flowers, architecture and cityscapes, animals, and everything in between. These projects aren’t restricted to black and white either! You’ll find techniques for adding color with colored pencil, marker, pen, even digitally.
Art Starts with a Line presents everything you’ll need to know to learn how to successfully create line drawings of all types. Whether your goal is to create a custom logo for a client, or to simply decorate your planner, it’s all here. Show more Show less 419328fa9e57debfe55914b1d12b8c85 Size: (32.00 MB) File name: Art.Starts.with.a.Line.Erin.McManness.pdf File size: 32.00 MB