Artificial Intelligence: The Star of the Digital Galaxy: A study of Di

Artificial Intelligence: The Star of the Digital Galaxy: A study of Digital Disruption, Innovation, and Economic Transformation

English | 2018 | ASIN: B07DVRRCF3 | 141 Pages | MOBI | 685.27 KB

The phenomenal growth of digital technologies is creating a tectonic shift in business. The explosion of information and increasingly growing mastery of available data are opening up endless economic opportunities, as the digitally-led economy is expected to double every 18-24 months. This shift might not be possible without Artificial Intelligence (AI ). AI is becoming the star of the digital galaxy. Gradually, it is becoming an integral part of human life, and its understanding should not be limited only to corporations or academicians. Large-scale companies already have robust training frameworks in place that expose their employees to this emerging digital technology. Existing and upcoming small to mid-size organizations both inside and outside the technological realm, could have a challenge to functionally orient their employees to new emerging digital technologies. Similarly, a non-expert will get inundated by the complexity and vastness of information in this area. However, unfortunately, there is no single place to look for a comprehensive view of today’s digital galaxy, which would perhaps answer questions like:

1. How are digital technologies transforming human lives and businesses?

2. What are the key technical drivers behind these transformations?

3. Which digital economy platforms are taking the lead?

4. How are newer business opportunities created?

5. Which businesses are at the risk of disappearing?

6. What are the challenges for the digital economy?

7. What is coming next?

These questions are important for the current and future digital workforce, small to mid-size enterprises within and outside the technology realm, academics, and the general population who wants to understand these emerging digital technologies and their practical uses.

This book is intended as a primer to simplify and explain the concepts, implementations, and implications of the AI-powered digital galaxy. This publication will also endeavor to help readers know and understand the digital disruption, innovation, and economic transformation resulting from new digital technologies. Additionally, It will identify and illustrate the growth and development of various digital events from the last decade that have had an impact on modern businesses and lifestyle. This study will also show how data, automation,3D-printing, distributed ledgers, IoT(Internet of thing), immersive experience, digital twins and various sub-technologies of artificial intelligence such as conversational platforms, recommender systems, machine vision and machine learning are shaping the twenty-first-century business model and human way of life. Additionally, the effectiveness of digital solutions will be assessed and recommendations will be shared. The author hopes these suggestions will inspire new business ideas.

The primary objectives of this book are

1. To specify twenty-first-century smart technologies and how they are already helping or will help to conduct digital business and achieve maximum profitability.

2. To identify the digital disruption trends, impacts, and opportunities in the light of artificial intelligence (AI) and to evaluate promising use cases of AI within the existing business landscapes, or suggest new business paradigms by recommending additional revenue stream opportunities.

3. To summarize the economic landscape of the digital economy, how it is shaping up, and what possibilities, risks, and remedies it offers for entrepreneurs.

This book is also an endeavor to deconstruct complex digital technologies in a lucid language to help readers from all walks of life to understand the following

– How to be a part of cutting-edge technologies
– Socioeconomic transformations
– The ubiquitousness of Artificial Intelligence
– Unstoppable automation of common services
– Data usage today
– Aspects of online interactions
– Money making technologies