Artist Toolbox: Surfaces & Supports by Elizabeth T. Gilbert

Artist Toolbox: Surfaces & Supports: A practical guide to drawing and painting surfaces : from canvas and paper to textiles and woods (Artist Toolbox) by Elizabeth T. Gilbert
Requirements: EPUB Reader 19.98 MB
Overview: Artist Toolbox: Surfaces & Supports explores a wide range of drawing and painting surfaces and the unique effects they have on a variety of media.
The surface you draw or paint on impactseverything in your artwork, from its texture and brightness to color and durability. Artist Toolbox: Surfaces & Supports covers the drawing and painting surfaces and supports that all artists should know.
Genre: Non-Fiction – General

With this art book, you’ll learn the basics and finer points of working on:
• Canvas
• Paper
• Panels
• Textiles
• Metal
• Glass
• Stone
You’ll also learn useful tips and techniques for preparing supports to receive media, see how to work with different media on each support, and discover the most effective way to protect your finished artwork.
Artist Toolbox: Surfaces & Supports is packed with visual examples, step-by-step tutorials, and demonstrations on the practical aspects of working with graphite and colored pencils;charcoal and pastel;and watercolor, acrylic, and oilpaints. With this reference guide that no artist’s library should be without, you can also learn how each support will take a medium.
The Artist Toolbox series presents practical reference guides designed for beginning artists interested in fully understanding the focus and function of essential art tools of the trade.

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