AT Death’s Door by John W. Mefford

AT Death’s Door by John W. Mefford (Redemption Thriller #23)
English | 2018 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB, MOBI | 1.2 MB

It’s the perfect system – for the rich and powerful.
But who has the guts to take them down?
All it takes is a slight shift in the tectonic plates and two thousand miles later, a tidal wave engulfs the Big Island.

This time, the deluge is in the form of greed and treachery. And many in the land of paradise will do anything to keep it hidden under the surface.
But when severed limbs start rolling onto the shore, Alex has another thing in mind – even when her heart is gutted. Despite the shock of a lifetime, Alex won’t stop until someone pays the ultimate price.
Will she be destroyed in the process?

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