A Khureshian audiobook release
For the last five years or so on YouTube, a bunch of amateur fan owned production companies have been writing rather fun and certainly silly parodies of Doctor Who with the rather bizarre crossover into My Little Pony, mostly because "Who" and "Whooves" sounds similar.These are not to be taken SERIOUSLY. All the plays presented here are PG or PG-13 rated. They are on about the level of silly Doctor Who episodes most of the time, although some of the series here are quite excellent, such as "The Adventures of Doctor Whooves and Luna."
The premise is basically the same in each different world of Doctor Whooves. The Doctor wakes up in equine shape to match the dominant intelligent life form in the universe of Equestria. He has an hour glass "cutie mark" on his rump. He travels with young female ponies of different names, from Clover to Depry to Princess Luna. Your Internet Provider can track your activity! Hide your IP address with a VPN. We recommend Trust.Zone VPNOrigin from extra