41Yr1M5CfgL._AA300_.jpgThe Best Awful [Audiobook] by Carrie Fisher (Narrator, Author)Abridged | 5 hours and 26 minutes | MP3 @ 128 Kbps
Born into privilege and Hollywood royalty, Carrie Fisher has been a movie star, a bestselling author, and one of the hottest script doctors in Hollywood. Her tumultuous life has been fodder for her hilarious and often scathing novels: in POSTCARDS FROM THE EDGE she turned her gimlet eye to drug addiction and rehab, SURRENDER THE PINK examined modern romance, and DELUSIONS OF GRANDMA explored the rocky terrain of pregnancy and motherhood. In her latest book, Carrie moves into the territory occupied by Sylvia Plath and Susanna Kaysen in a darkly funny portrait of a woman who survives a psychotic breakdown, a stay in 'the bin', and survives to tell all. Your Internet Provider can track your activity! Hide your IP address with a VPN. We recommend Trust.Zone VPNOrigin from extra