Audio Hypnosis CDs – Strangely It Does Work!

1) Stop Smoking
2) Improved Study Habits
3) Weight Loss Hypnosis
4) Stress Relief Hypnosis
5) Power Focus for Concentration

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• Do you want to quit smoking those cigarettes, that make you feel unhealthy and negative about yourself? This is a highly effective one session CD, that will give you the results you want.

• Do you wish you could easily take fast and understandable notes? Find it hard to sit down and study what needs to be studied at the end of the day? Never know where to start? Well start here! This is the answer to all those questions you have on study improvement.

• Tired of trying failed weight loss pills and diets? Use hypnosis! We realise that weight loss can be powerfully effective when working with the subconscious mind. Stop searching for an answer. It’s here!

• You as an adult, can recall those days as a child, playing outside with your friends all day, never knowing that stress would be a part of your life someday. So, now imagine or picture a state of mind where the layers of stress that you experience as an adult now are pulled away from your mind and body. You feel your body becoming lighter and lighter. Floating. Nothing can hold you down. Ahhh! It feels so good. You feel like a new person now. So come on, you deserve some relief!

• Just as you read the words before you now, you can allow a stronger point of focus to begin to develop within. you had to read these words with concentration and focus but now notice the deep color of the letters, the contrast of the background, your inner voice, how quickly you just multiply this feeling of concentration in seconds. What will you do when you gain an unbelievable point of concentration? Access this anytime you need!