Auditing Cases: An Interactive Learning Approach (6th …

Auditing Cases: An Interactive Learning Approach (6th Edition)

Auditing Cases: An Interactive Learning Approach is intended for use in undergraduate and graduate Auditing, Professional Research Case, or capstone courses. Step through real auditing cases one by one in this comprehensive text Auditing Cases is a comprehensive case book that focuses on each of the major activities performed during an audit. Most of the auditing cases are based on actual companies, and a number address financial reporting fraud. The unique active learning approach helps students learn to think critically and develop their interpersonal skills, which are increasingly important in the workplace. Teaching and Learning Experience To provide a better teaching and learning experiencefor both instructors and studentsthis program will: Engage Students with an Active Learning Approach: The auditing cases capture students t using lively narrative that introduces emerging accounting-related issues. Easily Integrate Cases into your Course: The Instructors Resource Manual offers instructional approaches, activity ideas, and group assignments to merge the cases into an existing course. Help Students See Concepts in Action: Cases are introduced according to the phase of auditing they demonstrate, presenting students with clear examples of the material.