Automate Application with Specflow and Selenium WebDriver C#

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BDD with SpecFlow (based on Gherkin) and Selenium WebDriver with C# + Intro to UnitTesting and TDD with TestStack.White.

This course is all about growing object-oriented software guided by tests.

SpecFlow is a framework which brings Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) into life. It is all about filling the gap between technical people and domain experts. SpecFlow is based of a Gherkin language which is very close to natural (though, it is formalized). So, non-technical people can write executable documentation on their own.

Selenium is a framework which allows to drive browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Opera etc.). In other words, with the power of Selenium, you can write a program which automatically interacts with elements on a web page.

TestStack.White (sometimes, written as "teststack white") is a framework which allows to drive WinForms and WPF applications.

This course covers:

Theoretical background behind different types of testing (unit, integration, and acceptance testing)
SpecFlow: generating steps, run and debug tests, passing parameters, scenario outline, data table, converting parameters, converting data table, custom conversions, sharing data, categorizing tests, scoped execution, hooks, and other features
Selenium WebDriver: Locators, XPath Locators, CSS Locators, Interacting with all the types of Elements, Timeouts: Explicit and Implicit, Locators Priority, Picking Scenarios to Test, "Page Object" design pattern, Page Object Factory, uploading files
Scraping a Live Web Site with Selenium WebDriver
Selenium Extras: managing a web browser
TestStack.White and Building a WPF App by TDD (with MVVM)
Appendixes: Intro to Unit Testing and Test-Driven Development

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