Autonomic Computing and Networking

Autonomic Computing and Networking
Publisher: Springer
Date: 2009-05-27
ISBN-10: 0387898271
ISBN-13: 9780387898278
Language: English
Pages: 472
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Autonomic Computing and Networking presents introductory and advanced topics on autonomic computing and networking with emphasis on architectures, protocols, services, privacy & security, simulation and implementation testbeds. Autonomic computing and networking are new computing and networking paradigms that allow the creation of self-managing and self-controlling computing and networking environment using techniques such as distributed algorithms and context-awareness to dynamically control networking functions without human interventions. Autonomic networking is characterized by recovery from failures and malfunctions, agility to changing networking environment, self-optimization and self-awareness. The self-control and management features can help to overcome the growing complexity and heterogeneity of exiting communication networks and systems. The realization of fully autonomic heterogeneous networking introduces several research challenges in all aspects of computing and networking and related fields. Show more Show less 7d72d97f398e9444c3a09077aea78d40

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