Awwa C503-14 Wet-barrel Fire Hydrants

Awwa C503-14 Wet-barrel Fire Hydrants
Publisher: Amer Water Works Assn
Date: 2014-01-01
ISBN-10: 1625760256
ISBN-13: 9781625760258
Language: English
Pages: 36
Added: 2018-10-30 12:38:08

This standard pertains to the various types and classes of wet-barrel fire hydrants for use in water-supplyfire-protection service in areas where the climate is mild and freezing temperatures do not occur. A wet-barrel hydrant has one or more valve openings above the ground line and, under normal operating conditions, the entire interior of the hydrant is subjected to water pressure at all times. Each outlet nozzle has an independent, compression-type valve (i.e., working with or against the pressure) that controls discharge from that particular outlet. Major changes made to the 2014 version of this standard include: 1. Revised requirements for aluminum bronze alloys 2. Added requirements for threaded and nonthreaded outlet nozzle connections 3. Added casting date marking requirements Show more Show less 237d33dfa2a77c238854ef66b23e2251  Size: (772.00 KB)   

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