Babycare Before Birth by Zita West

Babycare Before Birth: The Prenatal Program That Gives Your Baby the Best Start in Life by Zita West
Requirements: PDF Reader 3.4 MB
Overview: From preconception to pregnancy and postnatal care, fertility expert and midwife Zita West takes you through this special time suggesting safe and natural ways to enhance your pregnancy experience.
Discover how what is best for your baby’s health and development can have corresponding benefits for you. "Window’s of opportunity" pinpoint key times to maximise your baby’s healthy development at different stages of pregnancy, and tips on how to boost immunity and minimize morning sickness, make this the definitive guide to enjoying a healthy and natural pregnancy.
Genre: Non-Fiction – Health, Fitness & Medical

• Discusses nutritional basics, long-term health issues, and environmental hazards
• Pinpoints when a woman can maximize her baby’s chance of healthy development
• Looks at multiple pregnancies and the symptoms and illnesses of pregnancy

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