Bake Happy by Gail Bussi

Bake Happy by Gail Bussi
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Overview: Gail Bussi has been baking and collecting recipes since she was just tall enough to peek over the top of her mother’s kitchen table. This collection represents some of her most treasured recipes and memories of baking with her mother, or for friends and family. And Gail doesn’t merely collect other peoples recipes; if she’s inspired by one or it’s something she’s enjoyed on her travels, she’ll experiment, adjust and improve until she creates a slice of pure baked bliss.

And if there’s anything she enjoys more than baking itself, it’s the joy of sharing the end result with others, so that they in turn may share and celebrate with their loved ones. Accompanied by charming illustrations, annecdotes from her life and a wonderful selection of quotations, Gail provides recipes for cakes, tarts (sweet and savoury), puddings, slices, breads, muffins, scones, biscuits, bars and so much more for every event in our lives. Even the laziest of armchair cooks will be motivated to dust off their baking tins and measuring spoons to satisfy the craving that these recipes will induce!
Genre: Non-Fiction > Food & Drink

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