Balance Your Life, Balance the Scale: Ditch Dieting, Amp Up Your Energy, Feel Amazing, and Release the Weight

Author(s): Jennifer Tuma-Young

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Is juggling your busy life weighing you down?

The majority of women are busyour lives are a delicate balancing act. We’re mothers. We’re wives. We’re bosses and colleagues. Most of us don’t have fancy trainers, chefs, personal assistants, or any staff. There’s little time to pay attention to our own needs, let alone our weight. Many of us feel overburdened and underappreciated. What we really need is a real-world plan that frees up time, lifts us up, and makes life easier.

As an inspired weight-loss expert and recovered yo-yo dieter, Jennifer Tuma-Young has used her B.A.L.A.N.C.E. program to help thousands of women create balance, release weight, witness true results, and find joy. Now, in Balance Your Life, Balance the Scale, Jennifer gives you concrete tools to change the life imbalances that are often the real culprits of weight struggles.

Jennifer not only helps others but knows firsthand the challenges women face every day. Many years ago, she lost more than one hundred pounds. By joining the Curves community, changing her food mind-set, and learning how to love life (flaws and all), she radically transformed her body, her health, and her well-being. Jennifer, a working mother of two, is on a quest to help women everywhere find balance and meaning while releasing the weight!

Jennifer Tuma-Young understands women. She gets the yo-yo diets, the madness of "starting" on Monday. She wants you to get off the "Dieting Wheel of Frustration" and kick the negative self-talk to the curb! Above all, she wants you to embrace balance and self-care.

In Balance Your Life, Balance the Scale, Jennifer will teach you how to:

Rekindle your true food-life connection
Release the stuff in your mind that weighs you down
Assess who you are and what you stand for so you can move forward with a "sharper compass"
Cleanse and detoxify your life and your body
Increase your energy with three critical fuel sources (two of which have nothing to do with food!)
Make choices that align with your best self
Set and reach goals by removing the frustrating question of how to make it happen
Confront obstacles and roadblocks head-on
Plug into life so you are happy, healthy, andmost importantnot wasting precious time worrying about your weight
The essential ingredient in her winning plan is nurturing yourself. Regardless of your shape or size, if you are beating yourself up to stay thin or using food for reasons other than its intended purposewhich is to truly nourish your bodythen Jennifer can help.
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