BarStarzz Instructional Workout DVDRip + Extras

The Ultimate Guide to Bodyweight Fitness.
The bodyweight experts known as the Barstarzz have put together a very comprehensive and easy to follow guide into the world of fitness through bodyweight training, with over an hour of footage!! Plus, their are bonus videos.

You will see:
* never before seen moves
* instructions on some of the most extreme moves in the calisthenic world
* routines on how to put those moves to work best for you and your workout
* the best way to do cardio
* how to build muscle with no supplements
* how to get a six pack
* what food you should stay away from
* how to increase flexibility
* the fastest correct way to lose fat
* how to treat tendonitis
* increase your vertical leap
* and much much much more

This DVD is so jam packed with information that we had to use dual layer DVDs.

Whether you are new into fitness or a expert this DVD will help you master bodyweight training and give you the results you have always been looking for without a gym or supplements.

00:00:00.000 Begin
00:00:05.700 Warning Messages + Skill Demonstrations
00:05:20.167 Warming Up
00:08:34.500 Push Ups
00:15:50.500 Dips
00:19:39.867 Pull Ups
00:27:18.467 Leg Raises
00:30:22.967 Squats / Pistols
00:35:42.534 Cardio
00:39:01.934 Routines
00:59:52.434 Stretching
01:01:41.301 FAQs
01:08:06.901 End Credits

Barstarzz Extras – 1 Build Muscle at the Park
Barstarzz Extras – 2 Muscle Building Breakfast
Barstarzz Extras – 3 Head Bangers
Barstarzz Extras – 4 Banana Strawberry Shake