Bayonets, Balloons & Ironclads by Peter G. Tsouras

Bayonets, Balloons & Ironclads: Britain and France Take Sides with the South by Peter G. Tsouras (Britannia’s First Trilogy Volume 3)
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Overview: This fascinating third volume in the Britannia’s Fist series will have you pondering how easily history could have been swayed differently.

Peter G. Tsouras presents the third installment in his Britannia’s Fist alternate history series. The winter of 1863 had rung down a white curtain on the desperate struggle for North America. The United States and Great Britain had fought each other to a bitter draw. On both sides of the Atlantic the forges of war glowed as they poured out the new technologies of war. British and French aid transformed the ragged Confederate armies and filled them with new confidence. Both sides strained to be ready for the coming campaign season. Both sides seek to anticipate each other.
Genre: Non-Fiction > History

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