Become an Algorithm Master &Create SuperFast Smooth Software

Become an Algorithm Master &Create SuperFast Smooth Software
8 Hours | Video: AVC (.MP4) 1280×720 30fps | Audio: AAC 44.1KHz 2ch | 1.27GB
Instructed by Binary Business – Learn More + | Development / Mobile Apps
Learn How to be a World Class Programmer by Solving Algorithmic Mathematical Problems Most Efficiently in Your Software
* Lectures 161
*If you are an Engineer (specially Software Engineer)
*If you are a Developer or Programmer
*If you want to make efficient, smooth softwares.
*If you want to get a Boost in your Programming Career and earn more money by making wonderful Programs.
*If you are interested to participate in Local or International Programming Olympiads
*If you are interested in Mathematics
*If you want to amaze your friend and family with your Extraordinary MATHEMATICAL SKILL
*or If you are frighten of Mathematics.
*First of all Please look at the titles of the Sections and Chapters. Looking them closely you will have the gist of the lectures. They are so oriented that you will feel like you are listening a Novel. A journey in the open sea of Mathematics. You can feel the tides of the Problems, sometimes it is strong or sometimes it is stable. You will be amazed looking at the variant Strategies of Solving Mathematical Problems just like the sky at dusk.
*The Interesting problems that we will solve here , they are not some sophisticated mathematical problems, rather these wonderful problems will take you to the heaven of mathematics and give you the heavenly joy of solving problems. You don’t even feel that you are doing some extraordinary puzzle solving. But when you will feel that you are solving a great Mathematical problem you already have learned something extraordinary which you may not even thought that they are so amazing to learn.
*We will see some wonderful graphics animations, that will inspire you and make you understand the concept more Comprehensively and Precisely. Because the animations are made so carefully according to the many psychological facts about human Brain on Understanding and Memorizing.
*We will also see illustrative interpretations of many Interesting Problems by Solving them part by part.
*Ready-made Lecture Notes, consisting the Scripts of the lectures, uses and applications of what we have learned in the lecture, Important Notes that must be Noticed or Memorized and much more in each lecture make the Course more Rich and Friendly.

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