BEGINNERS GUIDE TO HACKING: Your complete start up guide to start hacking. All you need to know

Author(s): John Leggette

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"Before Google, companies n Sln Vll already knw it w mrtnt to hv the best hkr. S th claimed, t least. But Ggl pushed th idea furthr thn anyone hd bfr. Thr hypothesis seems t hv bn tht, n the initial tg t lt, ll u need is good hkr: f u hire ll th smartest l nd ut them t wrk n a rblm where thr success n b measured, you wn. All the other stuff-which nlud ll th stuff tht bun hl think business consists f-u n fgur ut lng the w. Th rult won’t b perfect, but th’ll be tml. If th w their hypothesis, t’ now bn verified xrmntll." – Pul Graham

A rn wh nj xlrng the details of programmable tm and how to trth thr capabilities, d t mt ur, wh prefer to lrn only th minimum nr.
One who rgrm enthusiastically (even bvl) r wh enjoys programming rather than just theorizing but programming.
A hkr a rn who brk d nd passwords t gn unuthrd entry t computer tm.
A rn who is gd at programming ukl.
On wh enjoys the ntlltul challenge f rtvl vrmng r circumventing lmttn.
A mlu meddler wh tr t dvr sensitive information b kng rund.
A hkr nnmu. Fr m l, th hllng of brkng the d rrtbl nd rutn hv t be taken.
Stnd-ln computers are uull safe there is n nntn for the hkr t break into. Cmutr whh frm rt f networks or th wth xtrnl lnk, uh tthd mdm, r n danger from hkr.
Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Discover
A Brief Overview of Hacking
Ethical Hacking
Choosing a Programming Language
Useful Tools for Hackers
The Big Three Protocols
Penetration Testing
10 Ways to Protect Your Own System

By the time you finish this book, you will have strong knowledge of what a professional ethical hacker goes through. You will also be able to put these practices into action. Unlike other hacking books, the lessons start right from the beginning, covering the basics of hacking and building up from there. If you have been searching for reliable, legal and ethical information on how to become a hacker, then you are at the right place. Ready To Begin Your Adventure To Becoming A Genius Hacker?

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