Behaviors and Persistence of Nanomaterials in Biomedical Applications

Behaviors and Persistence of Nanomaterials in Biomedical Applications

English | ISBN: 1119418275 | 2018 | 258 Pages | PDF | 4 MB

The use of nanomaterials in medicine has made great breakthroughs, but the obstacle right now is how to reduce the bad toxicological effects. This book comprehensively reviews strategies how nanomaterials can safely exit the organisms after the medicine has been administered.

In the last two decades, several promising engineered nanomaterials that combine therapeutic features and imaging functionalities have been presented, but very few have arrived on the market. The purpose of this book is to collect and comprehensively discuss the advances in this current and exciting topic in order to promote and enhance its growth. In the first part, a general introduction about the main features of both organic and inorganic nanomaterials is provided. Then, the most promising and innovative applications for cancer treatment and diagnostic are introduced.

In the second part, an analysis of the nanomaterials in the market for healthcare applications is presented. The issue of unwanted accumulation of metals in organisms after the designed action is then discussed. Finally, the most recent progress in the design of nanomaterials that are able to escape from organisms after the selected action are comprehensively described, along with the future research potential of this exciting field.


The book will be read by researchers and scientists in academia and pharmaceutical companies. Nanotechnologists, materials scientists, biotechnologists, chemists, biomedical engineers will be especially interested.