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Bell Curve City: St. Louis, Ferguson, and the Unmentionable Racial Realities That Shape Them by Paul Kersey
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Overview: On August 9, 2014, an altercation between a white police officer and a black male in a suburb of St. Louis set in motion a course of events capturing international attention and creating a revolutionary zeal amongst blacks exacerbated by the black President of the United States and the black Attorney General of the Department of Justice.

Time magazine ran a cover story on the situation, dubbing the aftermath Officer Darren Wilson’s encounter with Michael Brown "The Tragedy of Ferguson."

But the true tragedy of what happened to Ferguson and metropolitan St. Louis has yet to be told: until now.

This is the Ferguson War Journal, a day-by-day account of what happened in the media-created maelstrom ultimately culminating in Darren Wilson’s complete exoneration of any wrongdoing.

Paul Kersey, the author of Escape from Detroit, focuses his attention on the racial history of not only Ferguson, but the entire St. Louis region in Bell Curve City, where a combination of white flight from black crime and the federal government mandated Section 8 Housing created the conditions enabling the scenario of what happened on August 9 between Wilson and Brown.
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