Ben Mezrich – The 37th Parallel

Ben Mezrich – The 37th Parallel
Narrated by: Ben Mezrich
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This real-life The X-Information and Shut Encounters of the Third Type tells the true story of a pc programmer who tracks paranormal occasions alongside a 3,000-mile stretch by way of the center of America and is drawn deeper and deeper into an unlimited conspiracy.

Like Agent Mulder of The X-Information, pc programmer and sheriff’s deputy Zukowski is obsessive about monitoring down UFO studies in Colorado. He takes the household with him on weekend journeys to search for proof of aliens. However this harmless interest takes on a sinister urgency when Zukowski learns of mutilated livestock and sees the our bodies of useless horses and cattle – whose exsanguination is inexplicable by any identified human or animal means.

Alongside an expanse of land stretching throughout the southern borders of Utah, Colorado, and Kansas, Zukowski discovers a number of weird incidences of mutilations and out of the blue realizes that they cluster across the 37th parallel, or "UFO Freeway". So begins a unprecedented and engaging journey from El Paso and Rush, Colorado, to a mysterious area research firm and MUFON; from Roswell and Space 51 to the Pentagon and past; to underground secret army caverns and Indian sacred websites; beneath unusual, unexplained lights within the sky; and into companies that hinder and attempt to take over investigations.

Inspiring and terrifying, this true story will maintain you up at evening, staring on the sky and questioning if we actually are alone and what might occur subsequent.