Best Seller by Susan May

Best Seller by Susan May
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Overview: A girl with unique power over luck. A desperate man driven by envy. A mind-bending story of betrayal and fate!

Ten-year-old Nem has just witnessed her mother’s brutal murder and her life appears destined for tragedy. Until, that is, she finds her mother’s old green journal which holds an incredible secret.

This innocent looking book seems to contain the power over luck. As she uses it, Nem discovers the diary keeps a strange kind of karmic balance, that in gifting someone good fortune she must steal another’s first. All it takes is a simple entry. There’s dangers though, and not just for others but also for Nem.
Genre: Fiction > Mystery/Thriller Crime, Thriller

Decades later, the literary world hails William Barnes’ debut novel as a masterpiece. For some inexplicable reason though, his best seller success doesn’t survive his next two books. What frustrates and infuriates William even more, is that while he loses everything his undeserving protégé Orelia Mason is enjoying a meteoric rise up the charts. And this triumph of hers coincides suspiciously with his fall from grace.

So, William embarks on a plan, several actually, to take back the life he’s certain she has somehow stolen. If people get hurt along the way, well, tough luck for them. What he’ll discover though is that battling fate when luck is not on your side can be a dangerous game.

This is A Star is Born meets The Picture of Dorian Gray, and the consequences are not pretty. In fact, they’re darn well ugly.

From Susan May, the international best-selling author fans are calling the new Stephen King, comes a dark and twisted tale of jealousy, revenge, and an extraordinary, unique power.

You won’t know who to hate and who to cheer on, and the ending will surprise, maybe even shock you.

Narrated by Steve Marvel, four-time Voice Arts Award Finalist

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