Better Basketball – Instructional Video Tutorial for Players and Coaches

Whether you’re a coach or player, whether you’re playing for fun or for the win, you want to be more than just good. You focus every ounce of your attention on playing a better game. No matter what natural level of ability or skill your game is at, Better Basketball has the tools you need to help you get where you want to be. We give you the knowledge you need to bring your game to greatness. See complete details on next page.

• Better Defence Part 1
• Better Defence Part 2
• Better Handling
• Better Offence Part 1
• Better Offence Part 2
• Better Passing
• Better Post Play Part 1
• Better Post Play Part 2
• Better Post Play Part 3
• Scoring Without The Ball
• Better Shooting
Rick Torbett is regarded as among the best teachers of basketball in the world today. His lead role in the Better Basketball videos is one of the reasons they’ve achieved such a high level of value to coaches everywhere. Coach Torbett strives to make even the most advanced techniques so easy to understand that even very young players grasp them quickly and apply those systems to their own game.

Maybe you’re a pretty good player – quick, with good handles and a smooth release. Maybe you are powerful in the post. But, when the defense starts to notice your skills, they make adjustments that lock you down. Or, at least limit your scoring opportunities.

Maybe you’re not so good, yet. You barely made the team or you’re fighting to make the team. You want the respect of your coach and teammates. But most of all you want to get off the bench and into the game.

Either way, you get into the gym and work on your techniques with some of the drills you learned at camp, or from your coach, or from your parents. They are good drills, for sure, but how much are they really benefiting you? Are you using that time in the gym as efficiently as you could be? Are those hours going to convert into playing time?

Better Basketball’s Player Development DVDs follow a specifically designed teaching progression to meet you wherever you are in the game – from the basics to the highest level skills. We’ll show you exactly how lift the level of any of your skills – shooting, ball handling, 1-on-1 offense, 1-on-1 defense, passing, post play, scoring without the ball, and knocking down clutch free throws.

Never waste hours in the gym again! It’s time to accelerate your skills training and squeeze as much improvement as you can out of those training sessions. Better Basketball DVDs can help.

Whether you are the star or you’re coming off the bench, your team really needs you. It needs you to be able to break down that great defender 1 on 1 for that crucial bucket. It needs you to find a way to get open for the momentum shifting three. It needs you to be able to step onto the court and contribute immediately. And, when you do – you’ll get what your after. More playing time.

When we say Read & React is a complete offensive system, we should probably clarify what we mean by “complete”.

We mean that you can use this offensive system with absolutely any style of play or coaching philosophy you already have in place. We mean it that can be easily customized to take advantage of your team’s greatest strengths. We mean that any age group and any skill level can learn and apply it easily to up the quality of their game.

So when we say “complete”, we mean it’s the only offensive system you’ll ever need in your coaching career. Other coaches, after learning the Read & React system, have confessed that they’re not even sure how they could create a defense to counteract it – even when they already know the principles behind how the offensive system works!

With Read & React, you’ll learn how to:
• Develop your players individually and your entire team as a unit in a building block progression
• Teach your players how to engage the game by principle, not just by offensive play
• Attack and counter any complex defense – even up to the pro ball level
• Give each player the freedom to use his skills and attack the basket while still keeping a cohesive team strategy
• Eliminate the restrictions of set plays and give your players the skills to think strategically in game

The Read & React offensive system doesn’t teach plays. It teaches your team how to play. Strategically. Thoughtfully. And yes, a whole lot better.

As a coach, you focus every ounce of your attention on getting a better game out of your players. No matter what their natural level of ability, you want to help those on the team get to their highest skill level possible. You want to encourage them, to inspire them, to push them just a little harder than they think they can take. You want to be the reason they’re proud of what they’ve accomplished in the game.