Better Business Speech: Techniques and Shortcuts for Public…

Better Business Speech: Techniques and Shortcuts for Public Speaking at Work
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
Date: 2017-10-06
ISBN-10: 1538102056
ISBN-13: 9781538102053
Language: English
Pages: 158
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In a business world where we are told that time is money, the real currency is communicating clearly at a poised and measured pace. Better Business Speech: Techniques, Tricks, and Shortcuts for Public Speaking at Work by Paul Geiger focuses on the challenges of being a strong communicator in a range of business settings. It begins with the basic premise that all speaking for business is public speaking. Therefore, these are the communication scenarios where any lack of confidence in speech ability will be magnified. The obstacles that stand in the way of successful meetings, presentations, networking events, job interviews, and sales calls are all clearly described. Seasoned speech coach Paul Geiger offers tricks, techniques, and shortcuts that all seem shockingly simple; but it is the retraining of the mind and body that is the hard part. He details practical daily exercises that lead to better speech habits and addresses the causes of ineffective speech pattern in both personal and business settings. The physical and mental aspects of speech are explored in the context of forming a strong speech technique foundation that never loses sight of the importance of always sounding authentic. By offering action steps and helpful online tutorials, Geiger provides readers with the tools necessary to make lasting changes that will enhance speaking skills in all facets of business life. Show more Show less a1a516f4fad12bb8d22537e92c90eb21  Size: (860.96 KB)   

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