Beyond Good & Evil by E.M. Smith, L.T. Vargus,‎ Tim McBain

Beyond Good & Evil by E.M. Smith, L.T. Vargus,‎ Tim McBain
English | 2018 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 325 KB

He slips through the unlocked window. Creeps down the hall. A shadow standing in the bedroom doorway. Will you wake when death comes ripping?
A string of brutal home invasion murders terrifies Dade County Florida. The killer strikes in the dead of the night, savages innocent people in their beds, wipes out entire families.
Skewering them with his blade. Butchering them beyond recognition. Raw. Aggressive.
He attacks at random. Rich. Poor. Young. Old. No one is safe.
When the city sleeps, he comes alive. Stalks the night. Walks among us.
The investigation is hopeless. There’s little physical evidence to work with, and the killer’s chaotic behavior makes him as unpredictable as he is dangerous.
How can anyone make sense of such brutality?
The task force leading the investigation needs a profiler, and there’s only one man for the job.
Loshak. Special Agent Victor Loshak.
The 53 year-old likes his Dunkin’ Donuts coffee shaken, not stirred. And now, for the first time, he’s on his own.
In recent years, Loshak has slowed down some. He relies on more wit than grit these days, often playing a mentor role to his partner, Violet Darger. Until now, she always had more than enough grit for both of them.
But Darger isn’t around this time, and a killer this aggressive will push Loshak to his limits.
And beyond.
What drives someone to such violence? And how far will Loshak have to go to stop him?
Yeah, he’ll need to find that grit again. or die trying.

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