Beyond the Hidden Sky by Marcha Fox

Beyond the Hidden Sky by Marcha Fox (Star Trails Tetralogy #1)
Requirements: .MP3 reader, 290 MB
Overview: A cross between Star Wars and Lost in Space, this is the first volume of an epic space opera that begins when the Brightstar family leaves their comfortable life on Mira III for a newly colonized world known as Cyraria, which is in desperate need of terraforming. Laren Brightstar is a premier terralogist and, knowing he’s a target since refusing to work for old foe, Augustus Troy, accepting the chief terralogist position on the other side of the galaxy seems like the simplest solution.

Getting there, however, isn’t. Not with a teenage daughter like Creena. She’s Intelligent. She’s a rebel. And now, only a short time into their journey, she’s missing – in deep space. Was it an accident? Or abduction? Either way he has to find her. Before Troy does. And somehow he knows life will never be simple again.
Genre: Audiobooks > Fiction Science Fiction

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