Beyond the Left: The Communist Critique of the Media

Author(s): Stephen Harper

Date: Format: EPUB Language: English ISBN/ASIN: 1846949769
Pages: OCR: Quality: ISBN13: 9781846949760
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The ideological distortions of the conservative media, from Fox News to the Daily Mail, are broadly said and ceaselessly denounced amongst recent critics and commentators. But what if The Guardian newspaper and BBC information, actually, represent probably the most insidious types of capitalist propaganda? In a wide-ranging and erudite polemic, Beyond the Left analyses capitalist information and present affairs media from a thorough point of view. The e book rejects the liberal and pluralist paradigms that ceaselessly underpin opinions of the media, appearing how media texts replicate and beef up the fabric pursuits of the ruling elegance and arguing that the primary ideological threat nowadays is posed now not via the appropriate wing, however via the left-liberal media, because it co-opts and obscures radical political positions and reinforces a variety of mystifications, from anti-fascism and ‘humanitarian battle’ to ‘inexperienced politics’. Drawing at the paintings of radical media critics in addition to the writings of modern communist teams and taking into consideration the hot reporting of battle, business motion, immigration and the surroundings, Beyond the Left updates and recharges the Marxist critique of the media.
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