Big Bang by Marcus Chown

Big Bang: A Ladybird Expert Book: Discover how the universe began (The Ladybird Expert Series) by Marcus Chown
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Overview: Part of the ALL-NEW Ladybird Expert series.
The greatest discovery in the history of science is that the universe has not existed forever but was born. There was a day without a yesterday . . .
The Big Bang is an accessible, authoritative introduction for anyone looking to understand how the universe came to be.
Written by award-winning writer and former astrophysicist Marcus Chown, The Big Bang details how 13.82 billion years ago all matter, energy, space – and even time – erupted into being in a titanic fireball.
This mind-bending book addresses the big questions: What was the Big Bang? What drove the Big bang? And what happened before the Big Bang? The evidence for the Big Bang, it turns out, is all around us.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Educational

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