Biological Anthropology by Barbara J. King

Biological Anthropology: An Evolutionary Perspective by Barbara J. King
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Overview: Who are we? It’s a question humankind has been asking about itself for a long time.But when we consider ourselves not as static beings fixed in time, but as ever-changing creatures, our viewpoint of human history becomes much more captivating. The question is no longer "Who are we?" but "What have we become? And what are we becoming? "What makes this new viewpoint possible is the evolutionary perspective offered by biological anthropology, through which we study the evolution, genetics, anatomy, and modern variation of the human species. an award-winning teacher and acclaimed scholar delves into the story of how, why, where, and when we became human.You’ll gain a fresh understanding of the forces that have shaped our species, as Professor King synthesizes the best that more than a century of scientific scholarship has to offer across a variety of disciplines, including primate anatomy and behavior – to understand evolution and to learn more about our common ancestor – and molecular anthropology, to gain the insights offered by fossils, ancient skeletal remains, and lifestyle information like cave art and stone tools.
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