Black Rose: The Project, Book 9 By Alex Lukeman [Audiobook]

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A lethal plague resurrected from the bones of the dead is stolen from a secret biological warfare lab hidden in the mountains of North Korea. There’s no cure, and it’s 100 percent fatal. If it gets loose, millions will die. The men who have it want to reduce the world’s population and bring down the global economy as part of a plan to establish world dominance.

Nick Carter and Selena Connor of the Project are up against their old nemesis – a centuries-old conspiracy called AEON. This time Director Elizabeth Harker is determined to eliminate AEON once and for all. It’s touch and go as events build toward the final confrontation, with no certainty that things will turn out well. Along the way dark secrets from Selena’s past come to light. The Project team takes on another dangerous mission, with no guarantee that any of them will survive.

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