Blindness (Blindness #1) by means of Jose Saramago

Blindness (Blindness #1) by means of José Saramago
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Overview: A town is hit by means of a surprising and atypical epidemic of "white blindness", which spares nobody. Authorities confine the ignorant of an empty psychological health facility, however there social conventions briefly fall apart and the battle for survival brings out the worst in folks.

There is one eyewitness to this nightmare who guides seven strangers -among them a boy without a mom, a lady with darkish glasses, a canine of tears – out in their jail and in the course of the barren streets, and the procession turns into as uncanny as the environment are harrowing.

A powerful parable of loss and disorientation and a bright evocation of the horrors of the 20th century, by means of Nobel Prize-winning creator Jose Saramago, Blindness has swept the hundreds with its robust portrayal of guy’s worst appetites and weaknesses – and guy’s in the end exhilarating spirit.
Genre: Audiobooks > Fiction Literary, Contemporary, Dystopia

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