Blockchain Basics: A Simple Non Technical Blockchain Book [audiobook]

New Blockchain Basics: A Simple Non Technical Blockchain Book [Audiobook]

Lee Sebastian, John Fleming (Narrator), “Blockchain Basics: A Simple Non-Technical Blockchain Book”
ASIN: B07DVV8ZDL | 2018 | [email protected] kbps | ~01:36:00 | 46 MB

Simple non-technical descriptive introductory book about blockchain and its sweeping effect on traditional industries and technology
Every business and person should know what this technology is and how it works fundamentally. Blockchain is a distributed ledger technology that has many applications, such as finance, security, banking, insurance, transportation companies, and much more. The truth is, blockchain can become a core fundamental component to all industries in the near future, similar to how the Internet evolved over last 15 years.
Knowing and understanding the basics of blockchain technology is important to any modern individual, investor, or business person.
This book is about the basics of blockchain technology and its applications, especially in cryptocurrency, and more importantly, how it will eventually make a difference in your everyday life.
Start with the basics. It’s all the non-technical person needs to know for now.
Who is this book for:
Anyone who wants a simple, descriptive non-technical book about blockchain and how it will change finances, technology, and industries worldwide.
What this book will cover:
Blockchain explained in easy-to-understand terms
How blockchain can decentralize an economy
How and why blockchain works
How it is changing money and the way we do e-commerce
How blockchain works with cryptocurrencies
How autonomous agents help blockchain to work
How governments throughout the world are responding to blockchain
How banks and financial institutions are using blockchain
How to get ready for the new economy with blockchain
And much more
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