Blockchainopoly by Steve Hoberman

Blockchainopoly: How Blockchain Changes the Rules of the Game by Steve Hoberman
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Overview: Learn how blockchain works, where to use it within your organization, and how it will impact data management.
Explanation. Part I will explain the concepts and principles within blockchain. A precise definition is provided along with an example illustrating how blockchain works. Variations of blockchain are explored based upon the concepts of purpose and scope.
Usage. Now that you understand blockchain, where do you use it? The reason for building a blockchain application must include at least one of these five drivers: transparency, streamlining, privacy, permanence, or distribution. Usages based upon these five drivers are shown for finance, insurance, government, manufacturing, retail, utilities, healthcare, nonprofit, and media. This audiobook will illustrate each usage through inputs, guides, enablers, and outputs. Also examined are the challenges of applying these usages, such as cooperation, incentives, and risk.
Impact. Now that you know where to use blockchain, how will it impact your existing IT (Information Technology) environment? Part III explores how blockchain will impact data management, using the Data Management Body of Knowledge 2nd Edition (DMBOK2) as a reference. Learn how blockchain will impact each of the 11 data management disciplines within DMBOK2. Once you understand blockchain concepts and principles, you can position yourself, department, and organization to leverage distributed ledger technology.
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