Blood and Iron: The German Conquest of Sevastopol

Blood and Iron: The German Conquest of Sevastopol
Publisher: Potomac Books Inc.
Date: 2005-11-15
ISBN-10: 1574887971
ISBN-13: 9781574887976
Language: English
Pages: 224
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Blood and Iron tells the tale of one of the dramatic campaigns of World War II, the German conquest of the Crimean Peninsula and the port of Sevastopol in 1941-42. Sevastopol was once the sector’s maximum strongly fortified town and residential of the Soviet Black Sea fleet. As German forces penetrated deeper and deeper into Soviet Russia, their provide traces become liable to assault from this Soviet stronghold at the Crimea. To take away the risk, Hitler despatched considered one of his perfect box commanders, Col. Gen. Erich von Manstein, to guide the offensive. German forces, aided by means of Axis allies, fought a chain of bold and bloody battles that almost led to defeat. Manstein sooner or later outfoxed his Soviet combatants, and the marketing campaign culminated within the epic siege of Sevastopol. To damage Sevastopol’s ambitious defenses, the Germans used huge siege weapons, together with the implausible 80cm “Dora,” the most important artillery piece ever built. With the autumn of Sevastopol in July 1942, Hitler’s forces gave the look to be well-positioned to deal the Soviets a knockout blow, however the conflict’s momentum would radically shift a couple of months later at Stalingrad.

C. G. Sweeting’s account of this necessary however little-known marketing campaign comprises multiple hundred uncommon pictures and different illustrations, and his narrative brings to existence the studies of the warriors who fought the battles. World War II buffs will admire his in-depth descriptions of German and Soviet guns and kit. This fast moving, gripping historical past is very important studying for any individual within the conflict at the Eastern Front. Show extra Show much less 19582bc3486f2b1c5d35ac1c4e216e4a  Size: (90.07 MB)   

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