Blood at the Premiere By R. R. Haywood [Audiobook]

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A heart-pounding standalone zombie-horror from best seller RR Haywood

Henrietta Swallow may be a stunning model, but she has ambitions to be a film director. At a film premiere she tries engaging a producer about a new project…before everything goes terribly wrong.

Soon Swallow finds herself on the run amidst the full horror of the Undead. Along with a small band of survivors, and one miserable producer, Swallow must do everything just to stay alive on the blood-soaked streets.

As the Undead get more numerous, can she run, beat and hack her way out of trouble?

From RR Haywood, author of the UK’s best-selling zombie-horror series, The Undead, and the international best seller, Extracted.

Duration: 6 hrs and 48 mins

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