Bloodline by J.D. Martin

Bloodline by J.D. Martin (The Saint and the Sinner #2)
English | 2018 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 515 KB

Detective Marcus Delgado has not been the same since discovering his partner was the Blood Week killer. Since that day, he has vowed to track Saint down and bring him to justice for his crimes. Months after his escape, the murders have started again. Bodies have appeared with signs pointing to Saint’s return to the city, but not everyone is convinced.
Alexander Saint is a fugitive. To avoid murder charges, he escaped authorities in Kansas City and has spent the last few months hiding in plain sight. Having made the Big Apple his new home, Alex created a new life and identity, but he misses home. After a visit from Captain Stacey Hawthorne-the only person knowing his location-Alex learns of a murder back home that appears connected to him. Hawthorne urges him to stay out of it, but when the killer begins to take victims from his past, Saint returns home to his old habits.
With Delgado hot on his trail, will Saint stop this new killer, or will the task be too great?

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