Bombay Going by Susanne Asman

Bombay Going: Nepali Migrant Sex Workers in an Anti-Trafficking Era by Susanne Asman
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Overview: Susanne Asman provides a compelling ethnographic account of how Tamang women and men in the Sindhupalchowk district, defined by human rights horganizations as severely affected by sex trafficking, understand what they define as ‘Bombay going’ or migration for sex work. This ground-breaking work focuses on women’s agency and the meaning they ascribe to their roles as sex workers in the migratory process in the present and the past. Asman investigates how they carve out a space for themselves and create relatedness in the places between which they move-their house in the rural area in Nepal and the brothels in Mumbai that temporarily serve as their homes during their absence. This book is essential reading for anyone interested in the politics of sex trafficking, gender, agency and women’s migration for sex work in the global south.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Educational | Social Science

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