Bones of the Innocent by John A. Connell

Bones of the Innocent by John A. Connell (Mason Collins Crime #3)
English | 2019 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 402 KB

Former U.S. Army investigator Mason Collins grapples with a web of lies, secrets, and murder as he races against time to save the lives of abducted teenagers in a case a twisted as the streets of Tangier’s medina.

After Mason busted up a powerful crime ring in occupied Germany, a shadowy organization has put a contract out on his life. He thought he’d eluded the assassins, but in a plaza in Marseille, France, the assassins now have him in their sights. Just as they close in for the kill, a flamboyant stranger offers Mason a way out, but only if he accompanies the stranger to Tangier, Morocco to investigate the abductions of teenage girls. The man seems as two-faced as Janus, but the plight of the innocent girls boils Mason’s blood, and he agrees to go.
Once Mason lands in Tangier, he discovers that nothing-or no one-is what it seems. This playground for the super rich is called the wickedest city in the world, where anything goes.
As Mason digs deeper into the girls’ abductions, he realizes everyone has a hidden agenda, including those who harbor a terrible secret. And just as Mason begins to unravel the mystery, the assassins have once again picked up his trail. Now, Mason must put his life on the line to find the girls and discover who’s behind the heinous crimes before it’s too late. If he lives that long.