Born at the Right Time: A memoir by Ron McCallum

Born at the Right Time: A memoir by Ron McCallum
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Overview: Ron McCallum has been blind from birth. When he was achild, many blind people spent their lives making baskets in sheltered workshops, but Ron’s mother had other ideas for her son. She insisted on treating him as normally as possible.
In this endearing memoir, Ron recounts his social awkwardness and physical mishaps, and shares his early fears that he might never manage to have a proper career, find love or become a parent. He has achieved all this and more, becoming a professor of law at a prestigious university, and chairing a committee at the United Nations.
Ron’s glass is always half full. He has taken advantage of every new assistive technology and is in awe of what is now available to allow him and other blind people to realise their potential. His is a life richly lived, by a man who remains open to all people from all walks of life.
Genre: Non-Fiction – Biographies

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