Bound By The Twilight Cult: A Pregnant …

Bound By The Twilight Cult: A Pregnant Fantasy

DARK PLEASURES IN THE GREAT TOWER! The Stahl Tower has always dominated the city where inexperienced Miranda grew up, beckoning to her with its depraved rumors and mysteries. Now, lust leads her to put everything on the line by visiting this forbidden place. Little does she realize it’ll be a one way trip. The Tower’s inhabitants are utterly possessed by the same obsession with pregnancy, bondage, and domination that consumes her. As the strange men and dairy machines inside reveal themselves to her, she becomes a prisoner of her own desires as much as theirs. Nothing is what it seems. Miranda’s burning desires may just be the key to unraveling the strange cult’s many mysteries, an order more ancient and powerful than anyone ever imagined… An erotic fantasy novelette over 6,500 words.

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