Brain Training: Boost memory, maximize mental agility, & awaken…

Brain Training: Boost memory, maximize mental agility, & awaken your inner genius
Publisher: DK ADULT
Date: 2009-12-21
ISBN-10: 075665730X
ISBN-13: 9780756657307
Language: English
Pages: 192
Added: 2012-09-15 14:40:07

For people of all ages who want to improve their memory, hone learning skills, and boost mental performance in their daily lives, Brain Training is a vibrant collection of visual puzzles and tips to help exercise the brain and keep the cognitive faculties razor-sharp. Covering the key areas of brain function, including memory, perception, problem-solving, verbal reasoning, and the body (such as diet, exercise, and meditation), Brain Training is a dynamic resource that will boost everyone’s brain power. Show more Show less d2c1a80f658518bb557e621b18bde166 Size: (23.10 MB) File name: BrainTraining.pdf File size: 23.10 MB