Breaking Protocol By Michelle Witvliet [Audiobook]

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Covert operative Piper Jordan’s first solo assignment came at just the right time. Her attraction to her off-limits boss, Carter Riggs, was making work problematic, but gathering intel on a South American cartel wasn’t exactly her idea of a break. Before her cover is blown, Piper cuts the mission short, and now she’s on the run.

No woman gets under his skin the way Piper does, but company policy forbids fraternization – and life in the navy taught Riggs to follow the rules. When the agency loses contact with Piper, Riggs insists on leading the rescue mission to the Colombian rain forest, and it’s clear that months apart have only fanned the flames between them.

But things aren’t just heating up between agent and boss. It turns out Riggs wasn’t the only one searching for Piper. Someone wants her dead – and they’re resolved to find out who. When Piper’s accused of turning traitor, everything is on the line – their jobs, their reputations, and their lives.

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