Breathe, Focus, Attack by Ian Schechter

Breathe, Focus, Attack: A Triple – Threat System for Creating the Life You Want by Ian Schechter
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Overview: Entrepreneur Ian Schechter’s strategy for getting what you want in life begins with a simple argument: that 95% of people who fail do so because they never take that first step. We tend to fear change. We’re comfortable in our routines. The three-part philosophy of Breathe, Focus, Attack involves seeing things as they really are, honing in on exactly how to conquer any given roadblock, and then executing plans with renewed ambition. It’s full of practical advice, lifehacks, and simple exercises meant to jar you out of your routine in small, effortless ways.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Health, Fitness & Self-help

You’ll learn about:

• How an aging Japanese professor switched careers and became the richest man in the world.

• Why Steve Jobs’s greatest talent may have been his ability to tell people “no.”

• The 5 types of friends every successful person has.

• Surefire strategies for painlessly forming new habits that ensure your succeess.

• Tons of practical business and management advice.

Changing everything begins with one step. Don’t be too afraid to take it. Today, that step is opening this book and reading. You won’t be sorry.

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