Breathing the Fire: Fighting to Survive, and Get Back to the Fight

Breathing the Fire: Fighting to Survive, and Get Back to the Fight
English | November 24th, 2015 | ISBN: 1565236157 | 292 Pages | EPUB | 3.07 MB
In a flash, Kimberly Dozier’s life changed. As an award-winning CBS News reporter, Dozier had devoted her career to being in the right place at the right time to capture the story. Suddenly, in the wrong place at the worst time, she became the story, as a deadly explosion tore through her team and the troops they were following, and word spread worldwide.
That Memorial Dayin 2006, a routine mission ended with Dozier in a pool of blood on a Baghdad street, a victim of a car bomb that killed her team, cameraman Paul douglass and soundman James Brolan, as well as U.S. Army Captain James Alex Funkhouser and his translator. Critically injured, Dozier woke to find herself fighting first for survival, then for recovery, and finally to return to the field. Breathing the Fire tracks one woman’s relentless determintion to get the story, to get it right, and to get well again after everything went wrong.
The paperback was produced at the request of hospital caregivers, who find the book helps trauma patients and the families supporting them. The author’s profits go to wounded warrior charities. Associated Press correspondent Kimberely Dozier has returned to the field, covering the war on violent extremism in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and beyong, after she was wounded in a car bombing while covering a story in Iraq in 2006. Her assignments have included the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the hunt for Osama bin Laden, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the refugee exodus in Kosovo, the Northern Ireland peace process, and the Khobar barracks bombing in Dharan.
Four years after her injury, she made the bravest move of all in order to return overseas- leaving the broadcast news business to go back to print- staying true to her principles that you can’t keep the combat-injured in a “wounded box.” Dozier now covers intelligence, counterterrorism, and special operations for the Associated Press. The author’s profits from this book go to wounded warrior charities including Fisher House, TAPS, the Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund, and the Special Operations Warrior Foundation.